more rage less ignorance

Give me more crude honesty, words that drop jaws as if they were struck by a champion. Give me less of the sweet tantalizing lies, woven and spun by the most beautiful widows. I’ve grown tired of lies spun into a large web tangled at its ends. Ever since I could stare into the skies all I could ever want was to be freedom. Searching for it within lack-luster poems and lukewarm embraces it is an endless search. A search to find a happiness we all think we have obtained. Blaming ourselves for the pain we feel when we force ourselves to erase the things we fear the most. I want to be lied to, show me how well you can weave these endless webs of thinly attached moments. I’ve lied to myself, thinking I have a clone in a parallel universe where that clone had a father and a mother. And that father and mother would hold him and tell him he wasn’t alone. Who can lie to themselves better than your own self can? Life is lonely so lie to me, don’t feed me the words I’ve been dying to hear. Allow me to live in a fantasy world where I think it is alright. Don’t deny me the pleasure of feeling alive in some way. Give me what I want never what I need. Fight through it all. Bullshit and ignorance. Fight through it to find that one thing.

I may not freedom, but I will continue searching for ways to free my mind. Without my mind and my thoughts, I am nothing.


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