stolen time and smiles

There is a lustful shine that creeps from the suns waves as it brightens the horizon and rests up upon the clouds within the sky. Shadows tattoo the ground they rest upon. The shadows begin to reach out for people as they walk by. Night begins; the shadows converge and merge together creating an even bigger monster to fear. Why fear it? Because we are all running from time, we never admit to it but we are constantly running from time. We fear becoming old we fear becoming inhumane. So we want time to always stay. I keep running from time just enough to steal away something worth holding onto. Hoping to have snatched away a friend worth millions, not in currency but worth millions in trust the world is the bank that I shall rob. The sun is shining so brightly I can hardly see. The black thoughts that lay beyond my pupils, they all transpire into this shadow that chases after me. I’m not scared to die young, I am not afraid to let all of the pain I feel rain over me.

All though sometimes I find myself waiting for someone to rescue me, having dark thoughts and a lonely disposition, still attempting to drown away my life my liver and lungs want to commit suicide but I don’t allow them. I don’t have a lot of time in this world so I’ll make what I have count. I’ll make everyone I meet see that they can be someone; I’ll try to make the world see that everyone has a meaning and is beautiful.


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