Autumn Beauty

Heartbeats that matched the sound of a freshly fallen leaf being stumbled upon, a sound that earned the accolade of joy for some yet still a painful memory to be created for more. Love is like autumn. So beautiful yet all of the dead and decrepit leaves lie upon a ground that is to soon turn cold. I’m waiting for winter to come to bless these green blades of grass with a bitterly cold and beautiful layer of snow. It will cover all of the unattractiveness of the decaying leaves. People drop their leaves from their branches slowly as arguments and disagreements occur. Soon after branches begin to fall as people grow. The seasons change snow melts. Flowers emerge from the ground. I can show the world a new world where hearts never had to be broken and branches didn’t have to fall. Trees never had to be rooted up and replanted by a kindred spirit who can sympathize. Autumn never has to be the season where beauty and the sound of falling leaves combined are the cause of branches falling from so many trees.


2 thoughts on “Autumn Beauty

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