crimson memories

Do you remember the crimson skies from my dreams? Of course you do. You’ve always been there with me from the start right? Remember that story you told me about how I would always grow up and be something amazing? Like the president, or even a bus driver. Pictures nailed to a great oak tree, outlined with the blackest ink and colored in with the dull colors of the world. Just a picture of the two of us, I was younger then. You remember right? You were walking me to the store to buy me a new school bus toy; I loved those toys so much. I’d lose one every week or so because I never knew where I had put them. You smiled at me and tugged at my dreaded hair then. Tiny little dreads that hung from my scalp. You always made me sit still even when I was in pain from you redoing them. Remember that one time during the summer it was me and big brother going to summer school? I do he had left with his friends and said to me “we’re going to toys-r-us, and you can’t come you’re too small.” I was so upset with him because he never took me anywhere. I tagged along and got lost down the hill and just went home and waited for you to get there. I felt like the two of us drew closer you and I, we, us our relationship became encircled in promises of extravagant presents and the best dishes. The circle got wider as I began to grow; you cut away the hair I once had. You showed me never to be scared to be alone in your own home. You remember those days? Remember all of the weekends we stayed with grandmother? Big brother and I on the couch or floor watching Disney movies and eating popcorn, you remember? I do I remember that moment where you gave me a kiss so warm and heart-felt that I thought I’d never lose a hold of you. Remember that day I fell down the steps? I cried for hours and hours, you held me and told me it was okay. You know what I remember best? That night big brother and I were left home alone and we lined up all of the chairs as if we were on a bus and able to drive. I wanted to take the wheel first but he pushed me off the seat as if I was a smudge of dirt and then he began to drive. Disappointed, I moved to the second chair arms folded and upset. He sighed with guilt and let me drive, we made a train afterwards and pushed all the chairs back and it made an explosion of noise and fear. The neighbors called the police because we were making too much noise. You came home and the neighbors told on us. You blamed for it all, but I felt bad because it was my entire fault. Remember? Better yet remember that one time I put the stopper in the sink and left the water running thinking that I could make our home a big tub? It was the worst mess. You know what I remember? The smell of that all wood dining set, the way the table felt and the texture of the wood as we sat on it. Remember? Of course you do. You made all of these memories for me. I know you remember Mommy. These crimson skies in my dreams seem to be painted with the passionate beating of my heart when I hugged you in my dreams. I never wanted to dream of blue skies because I only want to remember the happiest times with you. Do you remember the day I first told you “I love you.” I do Mommy. It was one of the greatest days of my life. I know I’ll make memories just as grand with all of the people who I am around now. For right now I just want to go to sleep and paint sloppily with you and nail our ugly pictures of our beauty to a tree as large as your heart. While we’re painting I can’t wait to see if you remember all of these days.


2 thoughts on “crimson memories

  1. Hey Bro I like this one. Keep up the good creative/expressive writing and never let anything stand in the way of your passion. 🙂

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