chapter 5, women

 Long, short, curled, crinkled, and rainbows across the scalps of women curves in varying sizes and angles; Addicting none the less. These intelligent wily creatures women that’s what we call them. Sometimes girls, chicks, females but none the less they are the foundation to a world ruled by men. Ruled by men with a harsh fist and violent addictive actions a gentle force lies under their aggressive exteriors. Not all men are aggressive or so crude. All of us as men are different but we all want the same thing.

A woman to better us and love us how we are, I admire the very essence of women. Rose to respect the simple presence of a woman and to never call her out of name, my well trained tongue stuck upon a voluntary leash. Never a bad word spoken, the utmost respect given, love wanted but truths never told. Hoping it would all be different I had told them that I cared for them more than most. That’s the past, the present is now. Women are some of the greatest inspiration for me. What I admire most, is just a simple smile. Willing to open cage doors to beating red drums to make a woman smile, I don’t feel it makes me weak, I feel that it makes me a better man. All I truly want is to see someone who is down on their selves to simply smile and mean it.


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