chapter 4, Welcome to the Walk Alone

Cool breezes dance across them, dark leaves dangling on a tree. They drop to the ground after a discombobulated tango of twists and turns. My footsteps gently leaving the pieces of the depressed being I am behind. Shadows entail. My own shadows slowly reaching for them. Hoping to find the meaning of life in fallen leaves and strolls home but I didn’t. I found a passion for the sound of the brown dying leaves as I walk across them. That crisp crunching sound as if I have bitten into a perfect granny smith. Memories over come me as I continue my walk home. A smile emerges upon my face my brows raise, I feel happy. Happy times begin to run through my mind. I smile upon the happy times. But to be honest all of these things surrounding me during my walks are a reminder of that I know that I can find the happiness I’ve searched for in the smallest walks.

So I gladly welcome it, The Walk Alone.


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