Do You Remember?


I believe that I remember it all. I remember the glances and burdened eyes that began to lie across my shoulders.  I feel the most awkward moments when I’m walking the streets with the people who know me best. The biggest nightmares play through my head, thinking that they will save me from things that are my greatest fears. Read through my lines and see how they feel like the home that I once yearned for. There within my vision there are fences and broken yard hoses.

The lights in the home are low and then a bright light shines and I am alive inside, I am caught up and tangled within the sharp mental spikes that lie on the fences that surround my mind. I’ve become a slave to the sorrow and thoughts I believe in.

At the end of each and every day I will have to accept it, I’m alone. I don’t care who I leave behind or who still cares for me because I believe I remember it all, all of the pain that people have caused. Give me love, give it all to me. Isn’t that all I need?  Out here in the world, there is nothing for me. There is no you, no lust or love.  I keep forgetting that you left me abandoned; you tell me things will change. I told you it was all good and that things between us will never change. Now I’m living the lies I wove between us.

All I wanted was for you to tell me you feel the same.

I remember it all. Our lack luster romance.


2 thoughts on “Do You Remember?

  1. Your writing style is very introspective and bold. I get the impression that you really write for yourself, without the self-consciousness of those who write for an audience. is that the goal?

    1. i do write for myself i don’t write for anyone else, i tend to just pour my heart out on what i feel at the time and just try to put things in a way that i see and feel them. i see alot of things but don’t understand them

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