All I wanted

All I ever wanted was to be some grandiose hero where I can save someone, where I can fly at the speed of sound and be there in a moment. Maybe in the blink of an eye I’d be by your side there to hold your hand and embrace you when you were upon knees crying. I know I can’t satisfy the needs of every person I’ve ever encountered or begun to care about but at least I want to be the one they can come to when they are at that point in their lives when they can’t take people.

Maybe I just want to help people because in truth I’m just a lonely soul who is trying to find some reason to exist. The sounds of the love scorn melodies of the songs I’ve heard over the year’s playback through my mind; racing down my spine. A tingle slowly awakens my skin and raises my eyes from a slumber that was full of fantasies where I could save everyone, and where everyone held a piece of who I am.

A slumber I never wish I had awoken from, maybe then I could finally be someone.

I want to cry for help, I want someone to tell me who I am before I lose myself within broken words and watered cheeks.

I just want to save someone so I can feel as if I am more than okay, so that I am more than just me.


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