Air i breathe

The air I breathe, no longer holds any luster, the air I breathe no longer holds fulfillment within it.

There is no livelihood within the air I breathe. There is no motivation that lies in the waves of air that pour over this world. The inspiration I found within the simple long breaths that I released into the wilds hoping they’d bring back the breath I gave and give me the beginning I hoped for. Paths carved in the breezes, cries and whimpers, broken lovers. Truths that lie in the summer breezes, they slowly drift away into nothingness.

The Air I breathe is slowly thinning and suffocating me, it’s getting harder to breathe, it’s getting harder to cope with the insane thoughts of how much I can’t handle the thoughts that race through my mind. They crash against the limitations of my mind, only hoping they push back.

The air I breathe is slowly dying.


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