Infinite attempts on trying to catch the universe within my heart, trying to fill it like it as if it were a jar, the jar never began to fill it left me feeling sort of like the universe no longer wanted me. A transition from happiness to the slow slithering snake that is realizations of the truth, the truth is I am an empty vessel trying to grasp the infinite beauty that is this existence. A constant search of trying to find a meaning to my life, the slipping away of the jar, it cracks each time it slips away from my hands, not to be broken given away on whim thinking it’d be right.

Truth be told, I’m just a young man with no true path. I tried to set a course for my future,

But that seems to be the thing that keeps bringing my feet back here, plotted here, my feet rooted. Staring into the stars hoping the street lights shut off hoping to reach my jar up and find fulfillment in the beauty of the universe to capture the stars and moons within myself.

Hoping they hold the knowledge and the answers to the things I’ve questioned.


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