That sinking useless feeling that fills my soul as I try to grasp a hold to your hand and pull you back to your throne of happiness, screaming red screens and bleeding eyes surround my mind. I don’t know the words for once in my life, I lay here in utter breathlessness the feeling that I wish I had never experienced.

A feeling that felt sicker than the dropping a heart upon a floor that has been scattered with the words of a broken, the feeling that you no longer are intelligent, the feeling that you can no longer be of a purpose to anyone. But all you want to do is be of importance to someone, to matter to someone.

But that slow sinking feeling as if the darkness from below me has finally regained consciousness and slowly grasp my ankles and pulls me under the universe into nothingness, the great adventure that was once alive inside of me has been reduced to a simply muttering of words and phrases, because to be honest. I’ve always just been a dumb person who knows how to weave words together.

But in the end I’m no better than anyone else, because the feeling of being useless

Leaves me with just “I’ll shut up now”


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