The truth about me


I’ve been feeling so lonely lately, I miss the moments I shared with my brother, I miss the moments where we could just joke around and still know that we had each other’s backs and know that no matter what we were the closest of friends and the best friends that we each needed. But lately I feel like, I don’t belong to anyone I’m out of place. I feel like the last book in the library that no one ever checks out, I’ve only wanted to be special to someone for my entire life, I’ve felt like this, this never ending sensation that fills my soul. I can’t shake it. It rest upon my chest like a stone desiring a home to lie in forever. Lately I just want to sit on my bed and stare into myself and find some type of new life, but I know that is all false. I’ve wanted to cry but why cry when you can pretend to be strong so no one will try to be the one to be there for you when you just want to be the one to always be there? You can never miss what you have never had, but I miss the happiness I once dreamed of having I miss the perfect life I’ve always desired. I miss the sanity, the feeling of wanting someone and trying to gain their heart

I’ll just hide my face, can’t let the world see me cry.


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