All of the lights began to blur in front of my eyes. My eyes are getting closer and closer to the ground. The ground looks drowned in the tears from the painted with a tint of gray, slowly falling tears hit my cheek, and I blink hoping I won’t fall to the ground but why hope for something you know won’t happen? There is no resolution for a man who has steeped himself in the sins of the world. A drunken mess of a man slowly drifting towards the ground. His face stoic, unmoved by the cold unending tears that fall upon his cheek at a standstill within his self. A slurred grunt, a fallen body covered in the tears of the sky. A body full of the regrets and pains of the day and years he was left abandoned. A high of loneliness that was only felt when I stood. No need to ever rise again, I’ll let the rain be my blanket as I come down from my high, finally finding a love to call my own. Yet I don’t want to rise from my drenched bed to grasp her hand. The warmth of her tender touch frightens me. My heart is used to the cold and bitter winters that shroud my soul. Yet I paused to talk, love and listen to your heart and make you smile.


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