I’ve always been nobody, striving to be someone of importance.  I want to be somebody, maybe the cool guy that everyone knew and loved, maybe the guy who was just well known. I’ve felt like my house was never home. I’ve been striving to be someone remarkable to be someone that I can’t maintain. I no longer feel like I have to be someone. I’ve sat in the chair of my youth and I’ve grown that chair has become a throne for me. For the years of growing I’ve done. I’ve become someone. Life may be insane but I’ve survived thus far I will continue to survive further into life. The things I write while trying to keep track of my fast racing brain, these are the things that make me, someone.


7 thoughts on “Transformation

    1. i want the things that come with being the cool guy, the great friends, the girl that you wanted, the finer things in life.
      i never had such things but as i am getting older now i am seeing that i have the great friends and the things in life, i love life.
      it took me growing up to realize what i wasn’t appreciating

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