Dandelion Dreams


A young man lies within a meadow, surrounded in broken dandelion stems and floating spores of white snow that fall gently to the ground and sow themselves into the ground surrounding the young man. The dream filled snow that slowly fell from grace began to whisper their whispered dreams into the ground hoping they come true, the simple attraction of another made this young man feel so light hearted. As if he could walk upon air and command the winds to blow him to his throne of hearts. His throne which he resided was made of the hearts of the lovers he had once dreamed of having yet they were far from his grasp, the drowning sensation that filled his chest. He slowly closes his eyes and awakens from his dimension. His fingertips slowly walk across the never ending forest of blades. Painted with sunlight, fingertips slowly crawling across the meadow’s blades of green until his fingertips reach a stem that ends with an empty dream carrier, A Dandelion waiting to be wished upon and blown away.

It’s different this time, the brightly colored stem with intertwining colors of red, purples, and greens. His fingers constrict around the stem gently, his fingers wrapped tighter like a Boa Constrictor around its prey. He curls his lips gently near the edge of the snow like fluff and whispers his secrets within them and slowly blows them away, hoping the seeds will sow themselves into the ground.


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