This is my ventilation; the bitter taste left in my mouth as if a snake slithered through my soul and injected its death into my taste buds. I’ve lost the faith I’ve once had I no longer believe in love, should i believe? when so many soil it’s supposed pure name with slurred blurts of the three words people desire so dearly. Kindred souls looking for passion speak words they do not know, like a child unbeknownst to the sins they commit. I don’t believe in religion, I was told that god took my mother that he had set a time for her. I’ve been seeking revenge against god for years, why couldn’t he she stay longer? Why did she have to leave me alone? Why did god take her? I needed her. A foolish vengeance that should be left to children without knowledge, I don’t pursue the vengeance anymore just want to find the realizations that I have missed in my life. I want to find the meaning in the things in life that I have missed. I want to find the meaning of love and life. I’m still young.

I just want to have an honest heart and live.


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