I no longer believe in love, I believe in the feelings of lust, that feeling where I just want someone just to manipulate like a snake charmer and the world is my snake. This world may hold the most beautiful women, but I’ve focused on them too much, I’ve lost my way stumbling about like a drunken fool. Hoping to splash in a sobering lake to cleanse my soul but I never found my lake, I found a forest lacking depth and lacking light. Still stumbling no direction but a destination set in stone. Time slowly drifted away from my mind, drunk and lost. I fall slowly onto the grass and feel the prickled blades of grass, lying across my throat like an aggressive blade. Slow pulsations rippling through the ground the trees shake my eyes half sleeping half awake. A glimpse into the sky to see no sun, I slowly rise and continue to stumble, no longer drunk but hopeful that the beauty of the world will inspire me, because the realizations of my life are hard to swallow.

Life is shit, yes. No one will let you down; you are alone in your thoughts.

I don’t believe in love, I push it away and continue to lust towards the path I am struggling to still find.


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