I am my own ruler, I control my destiny, I control my life I control the choices I make. I am the king of my domain. There is no fate or destiny decided for me, I make the choices; I make the words come forth from my mouth like cold clear streams of water from a rustic fountain. I control the dreams I dream I am the creator of the dimensions that lie within my mind. So shouldn’t I be the ruler over my life? Shouldn’t my life be my own to control? Shouldn’t I have the ability to do all of the things I want?

I am run by pure emotion and thoughts.

I felt it slowly slipping away from me the mental control I once had, slowly slipping into a gray prison, bland and colorless.

I want to rewrite the words that were written across my heart, I’m no longer sad.

I am a euphemism for the freedom I wish I had.

The thought of losing my mental tyranny, angered my heart ready to come after whoever had the power over me.

I’m teetering slowly and destroying myself.

I am my own ruler, a 17 year old emotion fueled locomotive headed downhill.


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