He had been down this road before; a girl he admired from afar was gone away from his heart, unrequited love was lonesome. Hearts like lone wolves in the cold nights, His paranoid slow heart beats. Thumping like resonating echoes to nothingness, hoping that his heart would touch her and their love would be like the movies he had seen so many times over and over, the love that wasn’t noticed was then the strongest love. He looked into her direction, she would turn in his he’d sway his head lowly and hope she’d see him.

Drawn pictures of her plump cheeks with a dimple in the center a slight blush, blush as pink and light as cotton candy. His hand sketching soft curves and smooth arms his obsession never to become a confession. His cheeks pushed across his face gently by his smile.

Each Picture drawn signed with the signature “Lanus” each picture with the apple of his eye drawn in his daily dream; hair blowing in the wind softly, a water lily in hand, a sweet smile across her face.

He’d dream of being the one she’d be smiling at and her kiss, sweet as nectar gentle as the sea in the moonlight.

He’d pray that she’d dance away the night with him. Hands clasped tightly in another the wind blowing between them gently.

All of the moments passing by him, his head still hung low. Each drawing like a perfect picture depicting her figure in the perfection he saw.

His face turned to stone, hearing the bad news, seeing her hand clasped in another’s hand.

He finally looked up and saw that love isn’t something you wait for you, you have to reach out for it.



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