secret admirer

I don’t want to use you; I just want to lay your body down and kiss you and admire your body as I whisper to you how much I adore that smile.

No sex needed, I just want to make you happy, I just want to tell you how much I admire you. I want to be the VHS that plays inside your VCR. I don’t want you to watch any other movies but mine, I want you to laugh when I tickle your gentle skin and blow air onto your neck. I’ve always wanted you, I want to take things slow, can I wake up next to you and just watch you sleep and admire you as you smile in your sleep?

Can I be your dream guardian? Can I kill away all the nightmares that haunt at your mind? I just need some rest, I’m depressed so let me rest my head down on your chest and fall into your heart and let it purify me.

I just want to look in your eyes and try to find why I like you so much, why gravity thrust down upon me leaving me stuck.

I know it’s corny but can I just get a kiss?


Your Secret Admirer.


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