The feelings I have when I’m close to you. They do not exist in words. They simply run through my eyes as I look at you.

Hoping that you will see the art I painted perfectly with glances of wants.

Bit this here, this is Hell.

Dreams don’t come true.

I am a legend, in this place I exist only to help you escape.

I’ll teach you how to conquer what I failed to.

This is my diary, I inherited the trait to always disappear and not care.

The five pronged claw grasped at my heart, with each extension grabbing at my heart, I began to choke.

Where are my friends? Where is my family?

I don’t know I’ll sit here and allow my heart to be corrupted.

I never meant to be this.

I’m so pure, I’m so angelic, look at all the good deeds I have done.

I try to save peoples souls; I want to be someone I want to help someone be something more than what they seem.

Who was around to save my soul?

Insanity was around so I embraced it.

As I said this is hell, in this hell I can’t have you, all I can do is look at you and admire you as you get broken repeatedly.


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