Does the earth ever get tired of twirling in the same position like a poised ballerina? Would the earth begin to spin in another direction just because it wanted change? When this change happened would butterflies no longer be beautiful? Would people age backwards? Would everything be better?

I’ll never know something I know how to search for happiness even when I don’t desire to.

I want you to hear something, I want you to listen to the lessons I’ve lectured myself, There is no forever with someone, People will change emotionally, you will see this and people will pass away but you can’t linger on these feelings, life is meant for you to keep walking through it,

Even when you’ve lost all faith, you’ve got to believe in something.

I don’t believe in plenty, I’ve lost many friends for the beliefs I have but I have to be who I am.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, I don’t believe in the simplicity of people, I don’t believe in eternity.

I believe in love, I believe in myself, I believe in not trusting anyone, I believe in having great friends.

I have fears, I fear going to sleep. The demons of my dreams torment me, I can’t rid myself of these demons, they lie within the pits of my mind, with all my bad memories and worst fears, they lie there together creating something I can’t run from, creating something that I can’t ignore.

I just want sleep, but my mind wants me to see something.

I don’t want to change so I’ll ignore these demons; I’m just drunk right now.

I’ve finally adjusted to this insanity.


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