What is…. ?

What is love?

Is it that feeling that you get when you feel your mother’s heat beat as you’re holding her?

I don’t truly know what love is but I’ve heard so many definitions that are vague.

So many young lovers compare love to a sensation of no other.         I find love a mystery to me, I don’t know how to feel it or truly give it. Its second nature to us as people I like to believe.

Maybe love is that feeling you get when you look at the one you want the most and you start to get nervous, your palms they are sweating, you can’t stop thinking about what your desire is thinking. Love is a universal mystery many have meanings to it but it is still an unknown feeling.

You can love your mom, your dad, your family, your husband, your wife, your lover, your child.

But honestly can you describe what that love is? Can you put it down in simple facts what it is?

Some will say the desire to protect them, or to cherish them, or to give them everything they’ve ever wanted.

I will simply say, love is the thing I need most in the world and the thing I need least.

With love comes consequences; feeling alone, missing someone, feeling clingy, feeling like you aren’t enough, and all around just doubting your own self worth.

I truly don’t know if I can handle love, I’m just scared.

What is sorrow? I know all too well what sorrow is.

Sorrow is that feeling in the bottom of your stomach where you just want to give up; you can’t take the feeling of your own dismay and pain. You’ll lose your voice, you’ll cry.

Sorrow can be overcome.

You just have to notice all of the love around you and try to embrace it.

You lie in your bed, covered in black sheets of misery.

When the times get hard and you’re alone, the memories visit you.

You look up and try to grasp the fact that something is missing but the realizations are too real for you, so you drown your face in tears.

They will come to you, to try to bring you up.

They will write your name on clouds, but you will fall down slowly.

Sorrow is what I feel when I see you suffer.

What is this?

This is me trying to understand my own emotions.





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