Disorted Love


A distortion in the flow of blood, a slow churn with each pulsating beat of the heart had clarity.

Soft, slow beats that match and slow falling mind.

Thoughts leak from the mind’s deepest depths, creating imaginary lines of wisdom on the ground.

They spoke of all of its lessons, a dark rhythm echoes through my soul now.

Every time I see you, my words won’t come forth.

You look at my lips hoping for some sort of words that will make you seem impressed.

I want to make you see the monster in me; look at these scars that I hold within my heart.

They form me into an emotional leech.

Grasping onto the affection of that show me it, sucking away at the kindness they show.

I have a good way with words, in the dictionary that I hold my name is simply my own.

This dark beat keeps returning, reminding me of my imperfections; it keeps telling me that I shouldn’t smile anymore.

A distortion occurs again, but this time in my heart, the beats no longer are rapid. They slow down I can now open my lips to tell you what I always wanted to tell you.

“Shut the fuck up”


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