These Words


Every single word I’ve written I will never regret, every line every paragraph.

They are mine, the best advice I’ve ever gotten was to keep writing.

I will always write about my life, my love, my lies, my dreams.

Every single word I’ve written I wrote them for you.

So I quit writing, I’m going to keep living and I’m going to keep loving my friends and my family.

When these words are forgotten, when I am dead and gone, when my muse is gone away from me.

When my bones are dust, I want you to stop reading what I’ve written. Don’t keep my work alive.

It is best to move on, when my time is done and I am just another body in the ground.

Maybe I’ll be next to my mother, maybe my father.

I have too much on my mind, so I’ll quit writing when my brain empties itself.

When I can no longer live, when my smile fades, when my love can no longer be given I’ll stop writing.

When I am no more, my words will still be there.

Maybe one day I’ll quit writing, when I do.

I’ll die writing you my last words.

And I hope they say

“Fuck you.”

These words I share with you, I hope you can take away a lesson I’ve learned.

Trust no one, learn to appreciate the little things, find the beauty in the things around you.

Learn to love the people who appreciate you, learn to forgive.

Maybe I’ll change someone’s life one day.

Maybe I’ll fulfill my dreams years from now, maybe I’ll be important to someone.

No one can do anything that anyone else can, every single person in the world is beautiful, every single person is intelligent, and every single person is my muse.

I hope that one day I’ll be your muse, maybe I’ll help you understand love better, maybe even how to smile.

One day this darkness surrounding me, this shroud that makes me so insane will disappear.

Maybe i’ll be Sane one day.

-With a Sincere fuck you,

Derwin M “Failure”




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