Dog Days

Dark Shadows sat there with him, the corner of the room. The darkness of his room, of the world.

All of this darkness scared people; a figured emerged from this shadow.  His feet were heavy with a step of pride, and a sense of kindness. The love within his steps, he was always smirking. His eyes were dark and wide.   He lay there, staring at the door awaiting his return, his master, who left to go and never come back; the dust on the ground caught within the ground caught his hair of brindled browns and blacks. He lay there for what seemed like decades. His Corner of the world was becoming older, and more laid upon. His eyes heavier, his legs tired. His stomach less muscular, He missed him, his master.

It had been 6 years; the dog was tired and worn out. He lay in the same spot where he last saw his master years ago staring at the door where he wanted him to enter. The smirk upon his face was slowly fading into sadness.  Raised by the boy, who is now grown he wanted to be pet again and to be told that he was loved again, as the days grew longer and the nights shorter the master returned. He had forgotten the dog. He had forgotten the times he had spent in bed with him lying with him and staring into the night, when the master couldn’t sleep. The dog’s old tail wagged in the air gently, the smirk on his face returned. The Master looked at the now aged dog, as was the master face now full of hair and a refined sense about him. For the first time in years the dog stood up and jumped at the masters legs, they both knew it had been such a long time. They smiled at one another. With one lick on the cheek the master remembered his best friends and gave him a pet and a hug.  The dog’s legs buckled and he laid upon his master’s lap one final time before closing his eyes and wagging his tail slowly, at peace and happy with life he had lived and shared with his master for years, and the years he was without him. He sighed happily closed his eyes, and let his spirits rest. He was at peace now. The master somehow knew. He knew that his long time best friend was tired and ready to move on now, so he came home to him and let him rest. The masters pet him one final time, knowing that his last few moments with him were the most heartfelt of his life. He wept; his tears hit the dog’s hair brindled grays browns and blacks. Weeping and petting him knowing he was gone forever, the master kissed his long time friends head and said I love you before picking him up and laying him in his bed. Where he laid until it was time to be put away. The master felt pain and guilt, his eyes red, from the tears he wept his heart ached he wanted  his friend back the only words he spoke to his dog before he left those years ago were “ I love you sparky, I’ll never forget you baby boy.” He left out the door kissing his forehead and telling him to stay, he regrets that command. Telling him to stay, what if he came with him? What if he never left for school?  He wouldn’t have been alone. He should’ve stayed with him to tell him of his bad days and his good days.

He missed him dearly, but he never came back like he promised when he did it was too late.

10 years ago on  March 30th  a Boy named Nero desired someone, a person to talk to about his crushes, about how he thought she had cooties, how he felt like his brother was never around for him to speak to his friends never understood him, these teased him, and pestered him until he was crying alone.

Nero, had gotten off the school bus after the ride up the hill to his stop, his steps full of an unknown sadness and loneliness, his neck curved downward, eyes to the ground. He never knew how to look up and to be proud. He counted steps by 7’s the same as his age.  Nero reached his home’s front, he raised his head from the ground that he stared upon, and looked at the door.

He took his small keychain from within his pocket, cloth chain of dark hues of blue, keys dangling together as a wind chime. He withdrew the keys from his hands and into the door knob of gold and rust, the key and lock fit perfectly together making a clicking sound as he turned the keys within the door he smiled lightly as he knew he was home, where he wasn’t alone but felt it.

The smile he wore was false, his eyes held the truth within his agony.  “I’m home!” He shouted into the house, a thunderstorm of heavy leaps down the steps gave the presence of Kam, Nero’s older brother.

Rude, Vulgar, and a constant terror in Nero’s life, Nero turned to lock the door, the knobs were cold to the touch and smooth to the feel but had small patches of rust where everyone had grabbed them, making it feel as if grabbing small bits of hard snow fragments in your finger-tips.  As he turned around, a warm sensation filled his face and his eyes jerked to the ceiling as his throat became twisted upward almost as if meaning to bend in his brother’s torturous grasp. He gasped for air, his mouth wouldn’t let him breathe his nose was beginning to fade away. He fell to his knees; the laughter of his heavy-footed brother filled the air. Acting as if he was a champion to his own people, to what end would he be tortured. Nero’s body lied there unconscious, lips pressed to the floor, kissing its sweet lavender scents.

10 years ago become 5. Nero is now a growing teen, still a loner but a ladies’ man none the less.  His eyes, still green and pure, body molded with hours of physical torture, hardened and strong now. His stance, no longer bent over. His smile now happy and meaningful Nero’s arms were covered in the scents of flowered skin and soft arms. Females now saw him as an attractive boy, they sought his strong body and his eyes of glassed emerald. He simply smiled and turned them down slowly as he walked them to class, After years of not having a friend the one he desired Nero had gotten his best friend in the world, His dog the day they met it was nothing special, a cheesy name, cute name calling, and howling at night missing it’s family. Nero, held the hairy pup in his fingertips and told him of his happiness to have stock sharer of secrets. He didn’t have to worry about coming home to a brother taking away his light, he had a permanent friend in his dog. He told the dog, of his shyness and how the dog gave him courage to talk to girls and to smile again, the dog took walks with him after school as they grew up they aged together, the dog aging faster than the boy, as minutes on walks with the dog became hours they both grew into one another knowing that they loved each other beyond words. As Nero aged he found women more attractive, spent less time with his companion. Hours, turned into days of waiting for Nero to return to his side as he waited at the door for his best friend and master.

5 years is now 2 years ago.

Nero is in love, his dog is lonely. Nero wants something to hold onto forever while his dog only wants to spend time with Nero, Nero’s constant ventures for love left his companion venturing for his best friend, he missed the days when they shared walks and talked of how Nero was tricked by a girl, of how he got his first kiss, his first hug from a girl, his first love letter he wrote. As they grew apart, Nero spent less time with his companion the secrets they shared and built began to fade, his childhood and adolescent years were all inside of his companions heart.


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