Long flowing calm rivers: Attached yet so free.

The lines within the rivers had a scent of fruits and herb.

I didn’t know what the scents origin really was but it smelt heavenly.

I wish you could’ve smelt it; it brought tears to the eyes of the boys who walked by it and smelt its odor.

The river started to move in a quiet storm one night as a hard bodied shark ran through its streams, leaving trails of blood upon the rivers soft white beaches, the sand became tainted no longer soft and white, as the river became red its innocence was lost.

Its body covered in a hot, glossy bed of sweat. A sinister smile upon its face, the shark left the innocent river in a frenzied pleasure. The river awoke to a body its innocence taken from it without a fair warning or a simple alarm.

The sweet smell of herb and fruit was tainted by the sins of a moment of pleasure and shame.

The shark took away the river’s pride; the boys now passed the river with a face of disgust upon their heads.

The river smelt of shame, sweat and lust.

The shame was growing within the river it grew each moment a boy’s eyes hit the rivers own and they saw the tale of the shark’s path.

The path that ran through the river leaving lies of passion and a broken current.

The shark used its fierce smile, and a sweet word to spread the rivers currents and allow him to rip through them like air.

The river started to lose its pride and its beauty.

The river started to become wider and wider, letting a alleyway full of sharks whose hearts were full of just driving their way through the rivers currents and making it fork into two streams the river no longer knew its identity.

The river no longer knew if it was just a toy to be used by all or just a girl corrupted with no guide.

Women are preyed upon by these sharks with one goal, yet these women fail to see their mistakes and keep letting these sharks run through them breaking their spirits and when they finally start to realize what’s going on.

They will see that the sharks aren’t what matter but the gentle fish in the sea do.

Why do the women not see the fish that want them more than anything?

These unintelligent sharks have yet to outwit this little fish.


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