Walls Series : Part 2

I can’t climb on the trees; I’m too high now I’ll die from the fall. My demons have taken over, and have led me here, on this wall where I hang. With no other options but to keep climbing or to drop to my demise, and be remembered as a failure. I don’t know what to do. They won’t stop talking. What the fuck is this nagging pain my chest. There is nothing there anymore. The heart I am looking for must be over this wall. I must do this with my own will, I can’t rely on my demons, and I have to rely on me. I must keep going. I have to find myself anew. I reach for the top of the wall feeling a sense of; hope, pride, courage, and happiness over power me. My hands bloodied from grabbing onto the pronged wall spikes.
A beam of sunlight breaks through a crack in the wall and I feel its warmth. It has a sense of home.
I climb over the wall. But yet I am still too high to fall. The wall has no way of me going down. So do I jump? Do I die after finding the happiness? I don’t know what to do. All of this time using my demons has left me weak and eager to prey on someone weak. I need to nourish my soul’s desire for darkness. But I can’t, I must stay in the light. I have to stay here and I have to keep fighting.


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