Today I feel the need to not care.

Today I feel like there should be a celebration of me.

Today I really think everyone else should shut their mouths and listen to me for once; today I want to make a difference.

Today I really want to be recognized by your eyes.

Today, I don’t do anything because I’m afraid of the changes that will happen.

What will happen to me when I do change?

So many people have told me to never change but today, I just want to be everything I am not.

I want to morph into all of the things I never could be, I want there to be a night where a magical thing happens and I wake up and the girl I want is with me, where I have millions of dollars, straight A’s and was just happy.

Today I just keep dreaming on, no there is no waking up to something I want I have to earn that and get it on my own, maybe today I can finally get some good sleep.

Maybe, just maybe today I’ll be something.


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