To All……

To all of the dreamers, Don’t let your dreams stop you from living life and smiling, don’t let your Parent’s dreams take over. Be who you are in your dreams. Life goes on and the dreamers will dream of a day where they will finally see the sun come up on their lives making them realize.

To the optimist, You must realize there is pain in life, everyone isn’t always going to see the bright side of the world, there is famine, pain, sorrow, loss. These emotions are within people. You Can’t fix everyone and make them as happy as you.

To The Superman, Stop trying to be the hero in everyone’s lives. People will refuse your help and forcing yourself upon them will destroy any bounds to them. Your kryptonite is and always will be people, the very thing you want to help will be your demise. You can’t leave someone who is sad alone. When you can’t save yourself from your own madness, you want to right your wrongdoings  with saving someone from their own.

To The Depressed, Life is never going to be what you want, so grab a hold of your sanity and what remains of it, and try to live your life. Don’t dwell on the past, the pains other people cause you let them be. Don’t hunt for revenge. Forgive the broken heart you have, forgive yourself, forgive your family and your ex’s and your friends forgive everyone.

Sincerely, Derwin M Failure


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