I may seem like the guy who has the nice smile, the nice friends and the personality to boot. Some say I am lonely, I probably am. I am too myself all of the people I’ve met the mistakes that I have met have made me into the man that people so proudly praise me as a good hearted man. It always seems to happen when I give someone a piece of advice, advice that I do not follow or even know but I just speak it and it is the right time and situation and they flow out of me. Most are scared of death but I am just scared to live life.
So many problems and so many people I could harm and so many people I can’t save.
I always wanted to be the superman people could depend on and to rely on I always wanted to help I always wanted to be there and let them know I could be the shoulder they cry on, the person the cry to the person they want to talk to about everything.
People only see me as a pretty boy with a cute face, and a smile.
I only want to save you, this is my problem. I try to save everyone no matter the problem I don’t want to realize my own problems. I just want to save everyone else from their own pain. When I become someone I need of a superman I don’t say anything I jus t keep smiling and saving people.
I am trying to do better than good enough when I can’t even be good enough to save myself


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