Oh Lord.

Sitting and wishing and just laying there doing nothing is not a choice.

You sit there without a sliver of pleasure within your being.

Others crave just a slice of pizza, or to have a home. So why are we all existing to lie in our own fears and pains? To simply sit here and think on what do we are supposed to do.

We are too proud to ask, too scared to speak.

We need a revolution within our minds, within ourselves.

You build or you destroy.

You love or you hate.

You hurt or you heal.

Call me asshole, jerk, Mean, vengeful.

Fuck that, I try to figure out what I am supposed to do instead of just thinking.

They ask me why I am so mature, or so smart.

I don’t know the answer I just have ideas.

Once I was asked, what are you waiting on? Why don’t you do something with your life?

I didn’t answer I simply looked the person in the eye and said “do I need to do anything but exist?”   I heard one piece of advice from this person and it was a philosophy I now follow. “There is never a day like today, no moment like this right here; every moment is never the same only close to being the same. You need to stop lying here and thinking and wallowing in your own problems and get on with life before you know it you will be gone and dead.”

This person, this philosophy is something I will forever remember, I may pay the part well and act the part to a tee, but the phrases are unfamiliar.


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