Minds, that wanted something more to grasp onto, they collided. Attitudes of the same demeanor collide. All dreams must end. Trees, no longer bloom. It is night the dark sky and clouds. Flashing lights of planes float in the skies above the boy’s head. His worries are heavy; his eyes are tired, and full of a need. His only friend was his shadow. He never loved, never yearned for another. No more his heart spoke, no more his body raged. No more phony people, no more anger. He didn’t really know what to do with himself when he felt alone, so he sat in the rain and looked into the distance, he never knew how to make himself happy only others. Just listen to me, listen to me your heart. He ignored that emotion, that feeling that bliss that the world called love. He simply gave advice. His mind was his childhood, his future and his present all trapped in a 12×12 room simply called the mind. When it is all said and done we all live in cocoons. These cocoons that no one can breach or enter, is this truth surreal?
All emotions blended and bled within the rains cold arms.


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