Where will we be when the revolution of man occurs?
Where will we be when our lives fall apart?
Will the world stop and wait?
Nothing is as simple or as clean as we want it to be.
The world is complex people are complex.
The earth is forever-spinning.
I welcome you to the revolution of evolution.
Where the world is your big brother, the moon is your uncle and everything is not what you want.
Where will we be when everything is settled?
Somehow in the end we always end up okay.
We are the common sense of the planet.
Animal are the savage, yet murderers, rapist, kidnappers are called savages.
Does that make them animals?
Is it inhumane to treat men like animals?
Is it humane to treat women like sluts when they cheat?
Our faith is weak. Our hearts are young and stupid.
We are the Generation ready to die, and ready to do anything for fame.
Here by my side I will guide you to a new realm of sanity.
Stay under my wings and allow me to touch your soul and heart with the wisdom loss has taught me.
I have no one to be taken from me, when I have no one.
How can I hurt you when all I can do is harm my own self?
Learn from me and allow me to save you from the repeated mistakes of myself, and so many others.


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