I hate life, I hate people, I hate myself, bury yourself in my pain. Envision all of the hurt I cause you. Bury yourself and let nothing save you, fall into my womb of sorrow. Fake your smiles, your laughter. Some say I have an attitude, but I never look back on my doings, I look forward on this life and I never look up to the sky to pray, to embrace the beauty, I don’t have a desire for life anymore, I don’t want to fight this feeling of hatred anymore, I can’t be afraid, I can’t run. I can’t escape this house, that I call a fucked up home. Even though it is impossible to run away from the happiness and the love of others, I want to I don’t want to be there to coddle or console anyone when no one did so for me. So I never look back, I don’t bring anyone along. Where would they stay in this wretched heart of mine? There is no home for love.
I be the one who gives them the fear and understanding of the pain they will feel, because this could be the end of everything I know and cherish. I’m out here all alone out alone in my heart and in my mind. There is no one here to save me so why should I save anyone else. Fuck every single human being there is, you never were here for me I never going to be there for you. I don’t rely on any love or pleasure anymore I rely on myself need to make you all hate me, so that maybe one day you can see that what I’ve said may have a lesson for someone in it. People are dumb, they don’t listen or comprehend they simply ignore the things said. Some people should bury themselves away from how life really is, they will never make it through life, you are either cold and brutish or your just a fake smile with a hop in your walk.
I am only a drop from the storm of life, walk into it or run away


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