I hope you all understand that, I don’t understand. That I don’t understand the own thoughts within my mind and why I don’t retaliate when they tell me I’m special or important. The people I’ve met, the ones I’ve loved, the ones I’ve hated. They would all say I have become a ghost of my former glory. When did I become a ghost? When did I lose my self within myself? When did my sanity fade into nothingness? I always so something in nothingness, is this why I am nothing now? The demon within me, it eats at me when I become angry. It, no He, he won’t let me rest when I am in pain. He repeats to me how he lives in the darkness that is the agnoy within my blackened heart, and that he will forever be there as long as there is pain. Pain is pain love is love, so why does love hurt more. A wilted rose once fully In bloom is now dying, and its petals are falling off as if they were tears. As those tear-like petals hit the cold concrete hearts drop and loves are broken. I want to know one thing am I losing myself or am I just a demon that I dream of? Am I the one who sits in the corners of my room and eyes glow with anger? Who am I to myself?
I don’t know who I am anymore, no one can find me I am lost, This is why I am a Ghost now.


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