The comprehension of this world is hard to grasp.

It is almost as hard to grasp as the tiny little gnats that wonder around a blackened rotten banana.

Sure it’s ugly but it is the sweetest a banana can become in its lifetime.

So why can’t the world be as simple?

Why does the fist of a man have to become the fists of a boy who strikes a soft sweet cheek of a gentle woman’s have to happen?

Women don’t have four legs so why call them it?

Why scream at the mothers who bore you from the wombs other would’ve died to come from?

Why want to run away from a home that others could have and you don’t appreciate it?

People are lost in trends, fads and lies.

People no longer want to comprehend; I like to believe that people have always been born into something they cannot control.

What if every person in the world had a father who would be able to sacrifice his body and his pride for his family? The father who would risk his life and limb just to protect his family and even after it all he wouldn’t change, he wouldn’t get angry he wouldn’t be tired or at a loss for words, he’d just open up his arms and give his family the love they needed.

What if every person in the world had a mother who taught them the lessons they needed? Would there be fewer men on the streets? The men who think they are gangsters the men who sag their pants below their thighs, uneducated drop-outs. These are the world’s definition of a man?

These men are nothing but little boys to me.

How can a child call himself a man when he calls a woman a foul word?

A man isn’t a man until he finally respects everyone that is in his life, learns to love his family even though they may be annoying. He needs to think and have a common sense strong enough to realize that when there is something that is hurting their families and their friends and even their lovers they need to intervene.

My comprehension of the world is very vague, I want to pick the brains of the people in the world, maybe then I could understand the way things are in this world.

I want to be the bee that floats along and steals knowledgeable pollen from the flowers from the earth, these flowers were different shades of pure whites and grays, as they grew further into the valley these flowers became tainted with blood, and hatred and confusion.

It gave them hues of blue, reds, pinks, and often no color at all.

I want to know why some flowers lose their color and start to die.


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