Remember when we were kids?
Remember when you could just play and laugh all day?
Remember the cooties?
I wish love was as simple as that now.
Love wouldn’t be a hassle.
I’d love to have some good times here with you, but I don’t have the right adequacy or adeptness to fit.
To fit your love, to fit your expectations, I want you to know that I have loved our times here.
I want you to remember this, there was never room for you and I there was only room for my imagination and the existing visions of you in my daydreams.
But I don’t mind being without you, I’ve been without someone to love for the longest time.
I’ve rejected religion; I’ve rejected lessons in love, I don’t think I ever wanted to learn about how to make a woman happy. I only wanted to know how to make them see who they really are and see the things that they really are.
I want to make every person I know smile even when they hate the day, how their day has gone, or just irritated.
I just want to make you smile; I’d rather die than to see you in pain.
So please let me make you smile, let me see that look in your eyes when you laugh or start forgetting that pain that was there.
I can’t make jokes like the best, but I want you to be happy.
Remember those days when you were crying?
Remember those days when all I wanted to do was comfort you?
Remember those days when I would call you beautiful?
Remember the day when I fucked up?
Remember the days where I could describe a woman in the sensuous ways?
Remember the days when we were happy as kids?
I wish we could be kids again.
I wish life was as sweet as strawberries, and we could just swing along laughing and talking not a care in the world.
Remember those days when I was sad?
Remember the day I committed emotional suicide?
Do you just remember the days I felt alone?
I don’t all I remember is the melancholy tune of the rain as it pitter-patters against the lids of my eyes.
But I write these things for you.
I want you to understand me.
Do you remember the day I confessed that I was a loser?
Remember the day when I just wanted a shoulder to cry on?
Remember the days when I needed someone and no one was there?
Remember the days where I was there and you were on the verge of a breakdown and I saved you?
I remember, I remember the sins you whispered into my ears as you cried.
I remember all of the tears filled with useless regrets, and sorrow.
I remember when you were still a child and I was just a fucked up boy.
I remember when I didn’t have this mindset, I remember when I didn’t want anyone, I remember when I didn’t believe in love crimes.
I remember when I was still a child
Now I want to rid myself of such a childish mentality.
But where are you to save me?
Oh yeah you don’t exist, I forget I’ve never had a lover or a true best friend to have memories with.
So forgive me for these things I utter.
I was told to never apologize for the thing I say but to ask for forgiveness.
So please forgive me, for sharing my dreams in words.


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