Dear ******

Before you Read this it was supposed to be a poem but i wrote it for this girl whom i am talking to and currently “like”

Dear ******,
I always wanted to tell you that I adore you and that beautiful smile you seem to keep.
I may not know what’s behind it but I imagine that there is a reason behind it.
Maybe you smile because you enjoy the soft breezes as they flow through your long locks, maybe you’re smiling because you just enjoy life and how things are.
You’re mysterious to me; I want to uncover some of the mystery that is you.
I wanted to take you by your hand and walk with you under slow moving palm trees as they told a story of two smiles and warmth. The leaves of the trees would shake in a rhythm that the wind sang to them.
Just maybe, maybe just then at the moment the palm trees moved, you would smile and I’d feel accomplished for making you smile that gorgeous smile you hold so well.
And maybe you wouldn’t smile for the palm trees or the winds simple symphony; you’d be smiling for me being there.
I know you’ll be reading this and trying to understand where I’m coming from but I just dote on you, and how intellectual you are and you’re honesty.
You aren’t like other girls, you don’t have the oblivious self conceited air about you like that you, I like that you’re awkward. I like that you can be bold yet gentle with your words.
This isn’t quite a poem but I just wanted to show you that you inspire these words.
You are a truly beautiful woman and I truly adore you.

Derwin “Failure” Allen


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