I’m just a savage beast; I lead a pack of savages. We spread open the thighs of women and eat their pain away. We cut open the hearts of women and lay our seed in them. I tried to lead these men into a path where there would be no pain for them, they wanted to drop acid tablets I didn’t allow that so I grabbed their wrists and injected them with understanding. I told them of my hurt, and pain. They laughed at me, but I stood strong and taught them all I could.
I didn’t want them to be insane like me, whenever a woman left them I didn’t want their hearts to break. They didn’t deserve heart ache. So I taught them how to not love, and how to not be in love.
Every woman they had, everyone that had breathed fire upon their necks, bodies entangled, lips locked.
Every touch, they wouldn’t cherish they would fulfill their lovers request on demand.
I am a savage beast; I raise young men to break hearts and to never feel love, but to only just hate.
All because a girl who had ended it with me broke my torso not my heart, she made me feel loved.
When I woke my alarm sounded, every weekday. When I awoke I thought “shit” I had to ride a bus full of people I didn’t give a fuck about except two because I gave 1 for me and one for her. That no longer existed. So I just didn’t give a fuck.
The bus was loud with ignorant jokes, rude laughter, and snores. I sat down in a seat face turned to the clouds.
A new girl was on the bus, every guy was trying to get a nut bust. I just admired her from far away she had long black locks, her lips were petite like gently leaflets, she wore pink clothing they matched her lips tint, lightly glossed over in a glittered shine.
The boy sitting beside me was drooling in his head, he wouldn’t leave her breasts alone, his eyes groped them and it seemed the inside of his head was telling him evil thoughts. Telling him to go up to her and touch her skin and ask her if she had ever been pleasured by a man with his traits or some dumb line, like that.
I just admired from afar, she was gorgeous. I wanted her; she didn’t know anyone existed yet. She only knew of the back of the seat in front of her and her music she played. She nodded her head in tune with the music.
The savage within me; it spoke he said “Do what you do best” I didn’t want to hurt someone so innocent looking, she had no friends here either. I ignored him for now. I wanted her, I wanted to make her mine, I wanted to spread her legs, and explore her inner depths. I wanted to dive into her legs and bite the sweet peach as it moistened


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