Rain Story

I hope she didn’t mind it; I came to her door uninvited.
I couldn’t stay away, I couldn’t fight it. I wanted to see you again.
She died by the look on her face, my hand touched her cheek, it was warm and red.
She was embarrassed; she thought I was someone else.
It started to rain I wanted to run away.

My legs wouldn’t move. I kept telling them to, but they sat there and my eyes stared into hers.
They told a story, too deep and too painful to keep eye contact. So we kept looking away. Our eyes wouldn’t stay together long.
Her arms reached for the doorknob to open the door, as the knob turned I saw a golden twinkle it reminded me of the pendant she wore around her made of gold and tight knots of shimmering companions.
She changed her jewelry, every other day: A ring from a man of high stature, a necklace from a man who worked in fast food, an anklet from an addict. A bracelet from her father, she cherished none.
I saw her mouth move slowly and softly speaking from her lips, they were soft spoken words, I couldn’t read them. She opened the door, the knob turned my legs moved into the door. She said something I ignored it, I looked onto the walls I hoped for the picture I gave her.
I saw nothing but, paintings made by her newest prospect.
She was always taught to act like a woman, I was taught to act my shoe size. I didn’t give a damn about her feelings because I knew she wanted my pocket change.
She kept tapping my shoulder, I turned to her I ignored her soft voice, I once loved it. The soft moan like voice she would speak in. I wanted to rip her jewelry to pieces, but I didn’t want to touch her soft skin, skin softer than silk.
I could make comments of stupidity, and prove her mentality unstable. I ignored her hips and curves.
I ignored her confessions, she’s immature, and I’m depressed. The rain started pouring harder, she started to get angrier. I ignored her pleas for me to stop. I didn’t hear her, all I heard was my heart beat, and my faces pose. I was angry.
This all wasn’t supposed to happen, our love used to be simple; she would tell me how she loved me.
I would tell her that she was beautiful, and that she was all I needed, but it all changed. She turned into a fucking monster, the rain was like this it was cold, hard droplets.
The rain was a portal to realizations, I peeked through her window, hood covered, eyes red, anger, pain, confusion so many emotions on a tree branch, legs ready to jump through the window, two bodies converged under sheets I bought, her moans, moaned another’s name, her touch was for another.
I couldn’t turn away, I sat there and I looked at her, she didn’t see me, she didn’t have her eyes open. Mouths open with passion, her legs spread around his waist, tattoos down his back. A dragon curved down his spinal cord, it attracted my hands to it to break him. I wanted to kill him, he didn’t exist to me. In my head there was a play going on, a rendition of Romeo and Juliet. I wasn’t a character I sat and watched I was a viewer, full of heart ache, my eyebrows are arched and my hands were clinched. I arose from my seat, and I left the play, reality hit me I was above her, she kept saying she was sorry, I couldn’t hear her, his body was cold now, the window was busted through, my sweater covered in red glass, glazed in my blood. My fists were dripping, my eyes were closed, my breathing slowed.


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