We sat under white dogwood trees, we made promises, we shared lips, and we shared tender lullabies. Her wrist was all red, mine was covered in bruises. She was dripping cold blood, colder than the arctic snows, yet she was so moist, her lips trembled, she yearned for a grasp she wanted love.
I gave her love, I gave her passion, and I gave her intimacy. She still wanted more.
So I gave her roses and I gave her chocolate. She smiled and smashed them in my face.
She wanted to leave, so I tied her up and stuff her in the back of the car and cut her wrists.
So here we are, we sit under dog wood tree, and she’s screaming her eyes are watering. She calls it rape but I call that rape fun. She told me to let her live, but no I so cut her wrist. Her wrist turned red from all the cuts. She smiled as I granted her death. I laughed and I smiled at her. I watched her. She wanted to die, so I killed her.
I gave her everything she wanted, she told me I was worthless, but now I’m just a killer.
She said she wanted beauty, so I gave her my insanity.
She told me she wanted some pleasure so I opened her up and gave her my best.
She wanted perfection in life; I gave her the death she wanted.
I loved her so I gave her all she wanted

Too bad love is just a dream


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