I’m a hot bothered piece of grass lying in a valley.

There is a hot wind in my face; it feels like a heat has been promenading about my cheeks.

The wind moves me.

Not physically, but mentally.

The wind feels like it touches my soul and I can actually be someone.

This wind it fed my habits, I didn’t need to move ever again.

So I wait for someone to become the soil I lay on and get support from.

I don’t want to dream of another failed love attempt, an attempt where I speak words to your ears.

You absorb them into your eardrums, seeming to care.

You listen to another’s words too.

Silly of me to think I had your affection.

For I am too sweet, too kind, I am just a naïve fool right?

If you think so well fuck you.

I may be sweet, I may be kind but I am no fool.

I am just unable to tell you how I feel because I have never been good with expression.

People will think I have changed, but I haven’t.

I’ve matured and I’ve grown.

I wanted you; I wanted everything to be alright. I wanted to grab you and hold you tighter than most and kiss you.

You haven’t said anything, you always never spoke.

You always seemed happy.

I can’t read you.

I wanted you, I wanted your beauty.

I don’t want it anymore; you’ve given me enough confusion and pain now.

I created a new motto for myself,

“I’ll start loving more when you start giving shits”

I’m half way into free falling from your thoughts.

I’d love to shove a few aspirin down your throat and let you choke on them.

My requests to you would go from “can I have a hug?” to “can you stop breathing”

I hate your cute smile and your loving words.

I wanted you but you seemed to want your past.

Fuck my words? Fuck your mentality.

I’m done with life; I’ll let this bullet play hero.

Save the world from another angst teenage heart.

There is gunpowder within the grasses palms.

There is a scent that is peaceful, still disturbed.

The blade of grass in the valley stares upon my eyes,

I blink the grass becomes a green patch within my hands.

I don’t know what I am doing anymore.

I need something to save me.

That wind blows over my hand again it takes away these tainted grass blades from my hand.

These tainted thoughts are no longer within me.


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